Komali and Narasamma!

Today I want to introduce you to two beautiful young women.

Meet Komali:


….and Narsamma:

NarasammaThese young ladies are both older than Abinaya and Adithiya. Since they are two of the older girls in CCH, they were ‘recruited’ to help the CCH staff run camp this past fall for the new CCH kids. These girls got to attend camp this summer (while I was there) so I’m sure it was a blessing for them to get to go back as helpers!

Komali helped teach singing…

singing class

While Narsamma helped with photography class.

NarsammaAs in many orphan situations, the older kids are often overlooked for the cute young kids. However, these young women need to know that they are loved as well. Will you help bring joy and love to Komali and/or Narsamma this Christmas? Send me an e-mail at anichols84@msn.com if you want to sponsor one of these kids for only $25 this Christmas!

komali wrapping(Paige taught Komali and some of her sisters how to wrap presents last week! They got to help her wrap the presents for the home parents. Help give Komali a gift with her name on it for her to unwrap this Christmas!)


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