India Christmas: Day 1

Okay! I’m ready to start introducing you to my Indian sweethearts! When Paige sent me the pictures of the ten kids I was responsible for finding sponsors for, I couldn’t stop smiling. I KNOW these kids. And now I get to help them! :)

So, without further adieu, meet my first friend! :)

This sweetheart is Abinaya!


I’ve hung out with her both of the summers that I’ve spent time in India. She is oh so precious!

Abinaya lives in the Pondudru home. Here’s a picture of her and her “sisters.”

Abinaya - Ponduru(She’s the second from the right in the front row…pink shirt. :))

Since Abinaya has been in CCH longer than some of the other kids, this won’t be her first Christmas gift. The beautiful dresses her and her sisters are wearing in the above picture were last year’s Christmas gifts for the girls! Aren’t they beautiful?

Abinaya is a super sweet girl. Do YOU want to sponsor her Christmas gift this year? For just $25 you can be responsible for putting a smile like THIS on her beautiful face:

sweet sweet abinaya


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