Indian Christmas.

As you should all know, I spent a month in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India last summer and left a huge part of my heart there. As fewer of you probably know, I am planning a trip to Africa this summer to work with a missionary couple from my church! Though it may be awhile before I return to Ongole, that does not mean that these sweet kids don’t still have a special place in my heart, nor that I will stop advocating for them!

That being said, Christmas is coming and not just in America. Christmas is also coming in India. However, Christmas in India often looks quite different than Christmas here does.

No tree.

No candy canes.

No Christmas music filling the stores.

No snow.

No Christmas gifts.

However, for the children in Covenant Children’s Homes, the ministry I worked most closely with, Christmas will be a different story this year. Thanks to the help of generous donors in the States, these sweet, beautiful children will be receiving Christmas gifts this year!

There are 317 beautiful children sponsored for their Christmas gift this year already! However, there are still about 50 more that need someone willing to pay for their gift. Precious little faces like sweet Karthik:


I know, I know – I’m just another voice throwing my name in the crowd asking for money for a “good cause” at this time of year. I may be biased, but this cause is special. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve shed tears, I’ve tasted life in the homes these children live in, I’ve lived life with them, prayed for them, shared giggles and joy with them, shared meals together, the list goes on. I’ve experienced what life looks like for these children and I see how much they deserve the joy and dignity that comes with getting a simple Christmas gift.

I’m doing a Bible study right now called “Hope Lives.” It’s about finding my role in the fight against poverty in our world. One quote that really stuck out to me was this:

“If you don’t know the poor, it’s hard to serve them.”

How true that is. These children have a special place in my heart because they are REAL to me. I’ve been there, held their hand, seen their daily life. But for most of you, you never have and never will experience that. And quite honestly, that might make it hard for you to care as much as I do.


That being said, I have agreed to advocate for ten children still needing Christmas gifts this year. I have committed to getting these ten kiddos sponsored over the next two weeks – in time for Christmas. But I can’t do that without your help.

Since it’s harder to love the poor if you don’t know them, I’m going to do my best to introduce these children to you. Each day, I will create a post that will help you get to know the children so dear to my heart and give you the opportunity to sponsor them for their gift. $25 can bring far more joy to a child in India than a meal in the drive thru tonight could for you. I guarantee it.

So, be watching for my children over the next several days. And pray about getting involved.



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