Once a Barista….

…always a barista! We are in Hyderabad and I’m at my second coffee shop today! After a month without being in one, I feel a little more at home.

The first one I went to was called Cafe Coffee Day. It was a lot more like Metro, and I loved the feel of it! I had an Americano that was pretty darn delicious, especially after a month without. For those who care (AKA Jim! ;)), they had a two group semi automatic. I wasn’t able to see the process, though.

The one we are at now, Beyond Coffee, is quite a bit different. We walked in, sat down, and someone came and took our order. I don’t love the feel as much, but my mixed berry smoothie is delicious! They’ve got a one group, but again didn’t get to watch.

Speaking of Hyderabad…it’s great to be here! A completely different feel, for sure. Last night we had Chili’s for dinner with a Baskin Robbins dessert! Today we had McDonald’s for lunch (no beef, but the chicken nuggets were delicious!) and tonight we are ordering delivery pizza!! (Either pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa John’s…any of the above will be delicious.)

We are hanging out today with some fellow Sterlingites! Scott, Stephanie, and David are in HYD at the School of Worship right now (where we are sleeping), and happened to have a free day today. It’s been great to hang out with familiar people!

I fly out of Hyderabad at 6:40 tomorrow morning (so around 8:10 PM Monday night in America). It’s been great, but I’m excited to get home! Please be in prayer as I travel – I’m traveling by myself and am hoping for NO problems, no stress between flights, and finding where I need to be easily! :) I fly from Hyderabad to London to Dallas to Wichita and will land in Kansas at 10 PM Tuesday night!

I will definitely be doing some more reflective posts upon my return. Thanks for your prayers and love while I’ve been here!


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