Soakin’ up the sun.

One thing we sure don’t have in Kansas is beaches. Saltwater as far as the eye can see. And hot, hot, hot, bright, beating Indian equator sun (ask my arms, nose, and top of my back about that – thankful that my sari covered the rest of my body from the joys of the equator sun…and Dad! My left arm is way worse than the right, with a very distinguished sleeve line – I look like you after driving around all the time with one arm out the window!)
Anyways, that is one thing we DO have here in India (in the land of no fast food, no Dr. Pepper, no beef, and the list goes on) a mere 25 km from the ICM office!
This morning, we loaded up, stopped and picked up the precious boys from the NTR Colony CCH and headed for the beach!
They were SO excited.

We then spent the next two hours playing and swimming and running and burying and laughing. It was a great, but exhausting, time had by all – Courtney and I, the boys, Agape, AND the pastor/dad at the NTR home!
Here’s a glimpse into our morning at the beach!


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