Well, this is a fun post!

Today was a great day and I have so many things I want to blog about! However, it has been a very long day and I am flat out exhausted. I know that if I try to blog about it tonight I will leave things out. So look forward to another blog in the very near future. :)

For tonight, though, I will post one that I’ve had in my drafts folder and have been keeping a running list of.

I thought it would be fun to list out some things that I have not done in the past two weeks since I arrived in India. Some of these might surprise you, some of these may not. But all of the things I am getting ready to list are things that I usually do on a regular, if not daily, basis in America.

In the past two weeks, I have NOT…

– dried any of my clothes in a dryer (hang ’em on the line! I will never again question fabric softener’s purpose, that’s for sure!)

– used my Droid. I can’t say I haven’t texted because I have, using our cheapo basic phone we have to use here for communication with Sean and Paige.

– went a day without sweating. Profusely.

– had an entire day without the power going off at least once (usually twice, sometimes more)

– been to Target. (gasp, I know. Are they bankrupt yet?)

– swiped my debit card.

– driven.

– heard the words “bean freeze.” This one is bittersweet. Because, no one EVER wants to make a bean freeze. But at the same time – what I would give to be able to make one right now because that means I would be at the one place other than India I wish most I could be at right now!

– made a latte, mocha, or airpot of coffee. I haven’t pulled a shot, whisked a chai, steamed milk, or made cold brew, either. Sniffle.

– had french fries. Up until last night, this also said “or mashed potatoes. But praise the Lord, we had a PHENOMENAL baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans dinner last night that was out of this world!

– eaten any form of beef or pork. No hamburgers. No steak. No bacon. No ham. No nothin’. Well, except chicken.

– slept on a bed. No, really. I’ve been sleeping on this cot with woven plastic canvas-esque stuff that has created some nice bruises from trying to sleep on my side. It is tolerable and could definitely be much worse, but a chiropractor visit is one of the top things on my list once I get home.

– seen more than ten white people at one time in one place. I’ve literally not seen more than 20 total white people (most of them more than once, and never more than 10 at a time – which was once) since my arrival in Ongole. Weird, huh?

– watched a tv.The closest thing has been the projector that the Fadely’s use to project movies from on white people movie nights. :)

– been through a drive thru.

– had Dr. Pepper.

– had extra ice in anything.

– worn a seatbelt.

– slept past 7 AM. I stay in bed quite later than that, but I have woken up no later than 7 every day. I guess I would rather do that and feel rested than have to struggle to get up with the alarm.

– shown my ankles or shoulders in public. Seriously. So thrilled to wear shorts and tank tops when I get back to America!

However, there are several things I HAVE gotten to do, which I would not have had I been in America for the past couple of weeks:

Things I HAVE done in the past two weeks:

– eaten a TON of fresh, ripe, delicious mangos.

– fallen in love with several beautiful Indian children.

– put paint brushes in the hands of 100 children for the very first time, ever, and watched the joy on their faces!

– played cricket.

– worn a sari.

– been waited on hand and foot. It’s like I have a whole people group of servants. I feel a little guilty, but it’s also quite nice to be honest…who doesn’t love having someone else jump up the second you finish your water to go refill your bottle for you or being bought a cold soda while you are shopping, just because you are white?

– ridden on autos! So much joy.

– eaten all my favs at the Ramya – naan, chicken soft noodles, chicken roast, chicken 65…mmmmm.

– learned to appreciate things such as pillows, air conditioning, ice, clothes dryers, uninterrupted electricity, and traffic laws. 

– gotten henna, in India, by an Indian woman!

– caught myself questioning “Why is the power still on!?”

– gotten completely lost in a city in the middle of India and was able to direct our auto driver to where we need to be on the other side of town despite the language barrier! This has happened a couple of times. Pretty darn proud!

– met so so so so so many sweet new people I will remember forever!

So, while there are many things I have not gotten to do, there are just as many different adventures I have gotten to have in place of them!

I am off to sink into bed. I promise a blog about today soon. :)


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