It is hard to come up with titles for these things.

Good morning, America! As your Tuesday is beginning, ours is starting to wind down. After being inside for almost three days straight (with the only exception being getting out to the SCH apartments for about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon), it was with a joyful heart that I embraced getting out today!

We headed to the CCH Addanki home to put on our first “VBS.” We call it VBS, but it’s really not because it only lasts about 2 hours. So, it’s more like an elongated Sunday School time. We do a Bible story, songs, memory verse, crafts, and lots of just fun things with them. This was a lot of what we did last summer when I was here, but this time we have a much smaller team – Courtney, Paige, and I. :)

These girls are SUPER sweet. They were at camp last week, so we got to start getting to know them a little bit there.

We did some beads with them, some fun exercises and songs from camp last week (the hokey pokey, head and shoulders, and so on), and a name game!

The focus of our lesson for them was that things we do don’t identify us. We are NOT the things that we do, we are instead children of God! That is the ONLY identity that matters and that is what we tried to teach these girls today.

Chase, you get a bit of a shout out on this idea – it is quite similar to activities you had us do “back in the day” when I was in the youth group. :)

We had the girls each write down what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Then, we used fingerpaint and had them cover those things up because they don’t define us. Over the top we wrote “Child of God” because that IS what defines these girls!


We have VBS’ for the remaining three days this week in different locations. It will be a busy but rewarding week. Time is flying by – two weeks from right now I will already be in Europe! Looking forward to making the most of the few short days I have left here in Ongole.

In other news, it is still hot. With like 13 t’s. The feels like number got up to 123 degrees today. Hopeful that with the beginning of rainy season on June 1st will come rain and cooler weather. Until then? Lots and lots of water, electrolyte packets, high powered ceiling fans, and bursts of air conditioning. And lots and lots of sweat.


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