While you were sleeping…

First off, let me show you a picture of the current temperature and forecast for this week here:

Yeah, for real. No joke. You’re telling me.

Sean showed us this right after Courtney and I got in from being out for quite awhile. We had done quite a bit of walking and waiting for an auto, so we were well aware that it was quite hot, just not THAT hot. :)

Today has been a pretty good day!

We went to the three SCH apartments that are separate from the main home – the two baby apartments and the school girls’ home. All three were a joy to be at! Here are just a few pictures from the afternoon there:

(Is he not the most adorable thing ever?!)

It was a day full of love, joy, and lots of “sister! sister!”‘s ;) Now we are soaking up as much air conditioning as possible before the power is scheduled to go out in 11 minutes for an hour.

Have a blessed Sunday, friends in America!


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Life is better when it's full of joy.
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