Lazy day and auto rides.

It has been a very lazy, very quiet day around here. Sean and Paige decided to take both Saturday and Sunday off (much deserved for them after all the work they have put into camp!) and Courtney and I have been quite lazy as well. We slept in, then have just been relaxing, catching up on some reading, and Courtney may or may not have caught a nap…or two…or three. :)

We don’t intend to leave the apartment today – Sean and Paige are going out for date night at Ramya and are going to bring us dinner home after they finish. (They’re such great stand in parents/friends! :)) Tomorrow is another day with not much on the schedule, however we might spend a little bit of time at the SCH school girls apartment and perhaps the baby apartments as well. We will see what tomorrow brings. :) We also have some planning to do for the next stage of our trip – the next two weeks will be spent visiting the CCH homes that are near Ongole. We will spend a couple of hours there and need to plan what we will be doing with them!

That will take up several days of my remaining time here. Two weeks from today is the Second Saturday celebration where all the CCH kids in this district (basically the ones within an hour of Ongole) come to ICM and we have a day of worship, crafts, games, and fun! After Second Saturday, we will make the six hour journey (ugh) back to Hyderabad for a weekend of more westernized relaxation before I fly out VERY early Tuesday morning to Europe! Three weeks from right now I will be in my own bed, hopefully sleeping soundly! :)

Yesterday morning when we were out shopping, I thought it would be fun to video our auto ride. Election mayhem has been a little more quiet all week (or maybe we just didn’t notice because we were at camp all day every day) but yesterday it was crazy out. There were multiple parades and just swarms of people everywhere! We ran into a little of that craziness (literally) on the ride. So, I cut out some of the more boring parts, but left enough in to give you a good idea of what an auto ride through Ongole, India looks like!


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