As football is to America, cricket is to India.

So it makes a ton of sense that children in India (especially the boys) LOVE to play cricket. So, it wouldn’t be camp (the best week they’ve ever had, after all) without daily games of cricket during free time!

The boys played.

Chinna (Sean and Paige’s right hand man. He is seriously SO awesome and probably the hardest working man in India!) played (he was great!):

The girls got their own time to play a bit:

Aaaaaaand….I played!

As someone who can NOT play sports in America, I imagined I would make a FOOL of myself trying to play cricket. Add in the fact that I was in a sari for the second time EVER, the hot Indian sun, and the fact I had NEVER touched a cricket (paddle? bat? I don’t know what the word is?) I imagined it would be a disaster. But it was something I decided months ago I would like to try and do. And this was the perfect chance!

It turns out that I was awesomeeee (okay, that’s an exageration. Maybe “alright” is a better word) at it! I hit the first ball that got chucked at me, not far, but I hit it! Of my six pitches, I hit three of them…I was pretty proud! When it was time for the girls game they insisted that I played again. This time I was even better, and hit a SIX…aka, homerun!

It was definitely fun and I am proud of myself/glad I did it!

Today was a good day here in India. We had huge, delicious, freshly baked cinnamon rolls from Caramel, the bakery I blogged about before. Then Courtney, Ribka, and I went out and did a little shopping (at Bapuji, for those of you from last year! :)) before a relaxing afternoon of going through pictures and so on.

Sean and Paige made a DELICIOUS batch of homemade pasta with homemade tomato sauce. Added with a chicken leg, garlic cheese toast, and a banana mango smoothie, it was a GREAT meal!

After dinner we went to the Fadely’s for movie night! We watched a super corny superhero movie, but it was okay because it was mindless and took little effort to watch – great for a relaxing day! Tisra made some phenomenal apple crisp and life was good.

Tomorrow is another slower day, which is okay after such a crazy week of camp! We might be going to the SCH school girls home which would be a great treat.

Have a lovely rest of your Friday, America…it’s bedtime here!


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