Oddly fulfilled dreams.

All my life I have dreamed of being a teacher.

However, I never dreamed that this would be what my classroom looked like.

Or that this would be what the outside of the school building looked like.

Or this the front entrance.

I never dreamed that the water fountain would be a big blue barrel.

Or that the playground and trash can would be the same thing.

Or that this would be the cafeteria.

Or that the door to my classroom would look like this.

And I sure as heck never dreamed that I would be teaching THIS:

I never dreamed that my before-class prep work would include filling cups of paint with syringes.

Or that I would spend at least an hour a day cleaning brown hands with paint thinner.

I never thought that my para would be a 14 year old.

And I never dreamed that this would be what I looked like at the end of a day of class.

However, this week my dream of being a teacher was fulfilled in ALL of these ways And I loved it.

At camp this past week, I taught the painting class. 100 Indian children who had never painted before, never seen an easel, never had a chance to make their very own picture.

If you know me very well, you will know that this is quite humorous because I am FAR from an artist. However, I think it is no coincidence that I just finished Elementary Art Methods a couple of weeks ago with the end of the semester.

I spent most of my time trying NOT to get oil based paint on my new saris. However, once a brush was put into the hands of each of these children who were getting to experience a whole new world, all the mess, effort, and mess (yes, two messes. Seriously, disaster.) were SO worth it.

Camp is over now and we finally have a few days to relax after a week of twelve or thirteen hour days. So, I’m going to do more than one post about things from camp and post them over the next few days!



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2 Responses to Oddly fulfilled dreams.

  1. Julie Huber says:

    Awesome post, Amber.

  2. Wow, so amazing! BTW, saw the “interrupting..” video. Loved it! :) – Myra

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