5 liters of water later…

This will be a short post as I still have several things to get done before bed tonight!!

Just wanted to thank you for your prayers for camp today – it was a much better day! The weather was even nicer! :) Please pray for tomorrow as well as we finish the week up and for safe travels as all the children return home!

This week has provided lots of great memories for ALL of us, kids and teachers alike! I will write a longer/multiple posts about different aspects of camp after tomorrow when I have more time! We’ve literally been at camp for 12 or 13 hours the past two days. Tomorrow will be a bit of a shorter day, then we get a relax day on Friday!

One of the most exciting things I got to do today was help pass out TOMS to the homes who did not get them before! It was great fun to watch their faces light up with joy at their new shoes and hear their cute “thank yous!” It was a bit frustrating though to get the kids the size they needed and communicate that we needed a tighter or looser pair. But that’s another story. :)

Here are a few pictures from that!

“My new TOMS are SUPER!” :)



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One Response to 5 liters of water later…

  1. Jess Villmer says:

    How stinkin sweet to be on that side of the TOMS phenomenon! I’m jealous. Praying for you!

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