Your light will shine when ALL else fades.

Today was the first full day of camp!
There were many high points and the four of us white people have some really great pictures. But to be honest I’m too tired to sort through all of them and attempt to post them tonight (having problems with WordPress here in India…) but maybe tomorrow or for sure after camp!
However, in the midst of the giggles, smiles, love, and laughter, today was a really rough day from “the other side.” I’m not sure that the kids really noticed, which is great, but there were a lot of bumps as far as people not doing what they should be, spilled paint (like tons…ew) more than once, and power outages.
I don’t think it is ANY coincidence that the power happened to go out right before and all the way through worship time this morning, this evening, and for Paige’s salvation talk. I don’t think it was any coincidence that it went out again right before the children were to head to bed and discuss Paige’s talk/salvation with their pastors as homes.

There are so many people who want to be at camp. Who want everyone who is there to be so. However, there is one person who does not want ANY of us there. And he is alive, well, and trying to claim the victory.

Satan was working fast and furiously for a long time before this week came. I had all the problems getting out of the country (passport, visa, etc.), Sean and Paige had problems with things they ordered months ago not coming, some of the best teachers at the last camp suddenly can’t help this week, and so many more things behind the scenes.

Now that we are AT camp, frustration level is high. Sure, we are all having a good time but especially Sean and Paige need your prayers as things are not going quite as smoothly as hoped. The devil is working in many, many ways and there is an insane amount of spiritual warfare going on in this campsite!

However, in the midst of this, satan has NOT gotten the victory yet! God is STILL being glorified despite all of his attempts!

Tonight, it was around 7. The sun had set, it was dark, the children had finished eating and were getting ready to prepare for bed. It was desired that the homes would gather in their rooms and discuss with their pastors about salvation and other such big deals. Courtney and I were sitting (I don’t really know how to describe where if you haven’t been to this building!) kind of away from everything as Sean, Paige, and the Indian teachers who rode with us finished eating and said goodbyes so we could leave.

They were almost finished when suddenly, the power went out. Since it was dark this time, 100 kids did what 100 kids normally do when the power goes out and all is dark – yelps, confusion, chaos, and so on. Usually outtages last anywhere from a few to twenty minutes, but it soon became apparent that this one was not going to be so.

We were all exhausted, especially poor Chinna, and were just ready to get home and collapse. However, we had to stay so that Chinna could work with the people who were trying to solve the problem and get the lights back on.

Soon after the power went out, a sweet boy named Issac brought us his cell phone playing “American worship music” for us to listen to. When he brought it to us, it was playing “From the Inside Out” by Hillsong. One of the lines from the song stars as the title of this blog post: “Your light will shine when all else fades.” It wasn’t long before God’s light started to shine when all other light had faded.

Courtney and I sat in the dark singing quietly to several of our favorite worship songs that happened to be on Issac’s phone. Before long, we heard children’s voices. The children had started gathering and were singing worship music at the top of their lungs!

We eventually turned off our music and just listened to the children worshipping in the darkness. 100 kids praising God…HOW can satan stand up to that!?

When Chinna finally got things figured out and turned authority over, we left. The lights were still out and the children were still worshipping. Who knows what happened after we left. Satan tried to get a victory by keeping the important conversations from happening, but the attack was used for God’s glory!

I had chills as Courtney and I sat there and talked about allllll of the things that have been going wrong and the spiritual warfare we have all been facing. Big things are going to happen and they are going to happen soon, whether satan likes it or NOT!

Please, please, please, PLEASE keep the rest of camp in your prayers!! Pray for safety, good health, cooler temperatures, and that God will have the victory in this vicious fight satan is putting so much effort into!

Hopefully I will have a happier post next time!! :) Good things are happening, but I wanted this more serious post in order to stress the need for prayers over the next couple of days!


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