“Drink lots of water, eat lots of mangos, and you will be okay.”

The above advice was given this morning and I have already been taking it! It’s 4:00 in the afternoon here and I am on my fifth liter of water for the day, and we had delicious mangos for lunch!

We FIIIIIINALLYY got some sleep last night, after over 50 hours without much other than a brief snooze or so on an airplane (if you’ve flown you know how hard it is to catch much rest on those.) after a great dinner at the Ramya!

This morning we went up to the ICM office and made a schedule of the next month. We will spend 11 days of the next month hitting each of the CCH homes in this district, 4 days next week doing camp, 2 days in Hyderabad before I leave, and the rest of our time will be spent between planning for the above events, spending a couple of hours at SCH, and getting at least a little bit of rest. We will also be spending the night in the villages with a couple of homes which will be great!

After that we headed out to the tailor to get our clothes made (should be ready before camp this weekend) and then off to the site for camp. We went through what was left from the first round last week and made a list of what needs to be replenished for round two which starts Sunday evening (which is REALLY early Sunday morning in America).

We then spent about 25 or 30 minutes out in the HOT HOT HOT Indian sun and heat (did I mention that it’s 108 degrees without a cloud in the sky here today? 109 tomorrow and Saturday – at least!) cleaning out paint containers. The sun and heat really took a toll and wiped me out. I downed my bottle of water, spent some time sitting, and then we got back in the air conditioned car to drive back and by lunch I was much better. Continuing to rehydrate still. :)

Since lunch Courtney and I haven’t done much. Sean and Paige are doing some work at the office and we stuck in the apartment. We did some prep work for camp for them and now we are just spending some time to ourselves catching up on blogs and so on.

As far as prayer requests go:

  • Health in the heat is a HUGE one. We aren’t used to it yet, so specifically for Courtney and I. Also, though, it takes a toll on even those who live here. So pray for cooler temperatures and high tolerance and health!
  • Camp starts Sunday night, as I mentioned before! It will be a long, hot, exhausting four days. Pray for stamina and health through that, as we continue preparing and get everything ready and finalized, and that everything will go well next week and the kids will get a lot out of it!

More another time!



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