From First Class to Poverty.

Hello from Coastal Andhra Pradesh!

We are here, we are well, and tired. A long day of over 36 hours of travelling wiped us out but we are grateful that there were no problems or complications! The only thing that went unexpected was a two hour delay in London due to a nasty rain shower that hit the airport as soon as we boarded.

Speaking of London, it was a gorgeous place to fly in and out of! Makes me excited to visit Europe in a few weeks and I am definitely adding the UK to my wish list for someday. I’ve got to say – hearing accents everywhere does get a LITTLE annoying…it’s not as cute as when someone in America has one. ;) There was a flight attendant who had an adorable accent, though. I couldn’t help but smile to hear her as if people wanted “milk or shooga?” and “one lump or two?” in their tea….just how people imitate, but it’s for real! Hearing about “the loo” was also a new experience. J However, I loveddddd my multiple cups of British tea on the flight! SO good!

Thanks to Courtney’s uncle who passed on some free upgrades to us, we flew first class from Wichita to Dallas, then again from Dallas to Wichita. The first flight wasn’t that big of a difference – we boarded first, had a bit of a cushier, bigger seat, and got drinks before take-off.

We weren’t at ALL prepared for what first class would look like on our flight from DFW to London Heathrow! We boarded the plane and were almost immediately given menus for the several course dinner we would soon be served. We had options ranging from steak to salmon to grilled chicken for the main course.

Once we ordered, and were given drinks before takeoff (in real glasses….which never went empty!) we settled in for a few minutes before the flight attendants come wheeling out a cart and hand over Samsung tablets and Bose noise cancelling earphones to everyone in first class. I started watching a movie. BUT. Then…

The flight attendants came out, pulled our tables out for us, and put down a tablecloth.

Then they brought out a bowl of warm nuts.

Then a veggie plate.

Then a shrimp and salmon appetizer.

Then soup.

Then bread.

Then the main dish.

Then dessert.

Hoooooooooly cow was it weird! But delicious! My thyme grilled chicken breast was phenomenal – incredibly moist and super delicious!

Sleeping in the chairs that turned into beds was awesoommmeee.

It was honestly a little lame to not be in first class for our final flight from London to Hyderabad. We got SO spoiled before! However, we made it safely to Hyderabad, an hour late, made it through customs, and out to Sean and Paige!! We instantly got in their car and drove to Ongole. It was a VERRRRYYYY long drive (about six hours) where we are now here and settling in their apartment.

We just got back from shopping for saris and punjabis which we will get fitted and off to the tailor tomorrow morning, as well as a little grocery shopping. We’ll be headed to dinner at our beloved Ramya here before too long!

 We are 10 ½ hours ahead of Kansas time, so we flew through two night times in our total of 24ish hours of flying time, had 2 breakfasts, and are COMPLETELY screwed up. Sean and Paige are keeping us up until 9 or so here so that we start getting in this sleep cycle, which is about 11:00 AM at home. I’m not sure how many hours it’s been since I’ve slept…all I know is that I’m hot, tired, and glad to finally be here!

Thanks for your prayers that got us here safely…now keep ‘em coming as we jump in head first tomorrow to start preparations for camp – it starts in a few days!


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