See that big number right up there? That’s how many HOURS until I will be in transit to India!

After all of the emotional up and down, back and forth, unanswered questions, it feels good to finally know that everything is in place!

However, this has snuck up on my quite quickly. I’m in the midst of laundry, packing lists, and Target runs in an effort to plan for the next month of my life in one suitcase.

Packing for one month in two continents is something that is new for me and I know that I will be having to do some serious talking myself out of overpacking.

Things are SO real right now..the suitcase is out, the address for the customs forms is in my inbox, and Sean and Paige are in Hyderabad RIGHT NOW and when they go back to Ongole it will be with us!

Courtney and I should land in Hyderabad far to early Wednesday morning (which will be Tuesday evening here in the USA – right at 24 hours of transit time…sheesh!). And after we land…I have no idea! :)

The first round of camp was last week!

As you can see, the first batch of campers LOVED it and had a great time! Camp #2 starts May 21st and I can’t WAIT to be there and be part of it!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from the first round of camp pics Paige posted:

Please be in prayer for Courtney and I’s final preparations, packing, and for safe travel! I’m not sure if I will post again before we leave…if not…we fly out of Wichita around 5:55 PM on Monday!

Thanks for your prayers, and I can’t wait to write to you from India! :)


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