Forty Days of Prayer, Week 5

This is a special week of prayer requests. Because there is one MAJOR one. Hopefully it will be resolved very soon and I can post out the rest of the week in requests!


As you all know, I have had a hard time with my visa. Late last night I received notification that my application was finally submitted to the Consulate General of India, but it had been rejected.

Turns out, because the letter I had gotten from Sterling College proving my address was on SC ONLINE letterhead, the Consulate General rejected it AS IT WAS BEING PRINTED. That’s how far it got. Pretty much all the way. Then rejected, because of the one word – online.


Now, if you are counting down with me, you will notice that I have 12 days until I leave. Four of those days are weekends, AKA not business days. This means there are EIGHT business days, including today and including the day I board a plane.


We submitted another letter from Sterling College, this time on REGULAR SC letterhead which says nothing about SC Online. The agent seemed to think this would do the trick and planned to resubmit it today and see if we can get it taken care of.


If this doesn’t work….we, he, I, have NO idea what will. I tried to go to the DMV and see if I could get the process started for a new license and submit a copy of the temporary paper license OR get a letter from the state of Kansas saying this was my address. However, it turns out the DMV is CLOSED until next week. So….this is literally my only option. Pretty much.


When we asked if there was anything we could do in case the SC letter does NOT work, the man paused and said, “Pray.” So, if that’s all he thinks we can do…that shows how important it is!


SO. This week, please please please please PLEASE be praying that this letter will work this time and that my visa application will be ACCEPTED this time! Pray that it will be done ASAP and that I will have it in my hands this week, or Monday at the latest!!


I will keep you all updated as I hear.


This place is trying to break my belief (I’m lookin’ at YOU, Indian Consulate)
But my faith is bigger than all I can see

If I could feel You shine your perpetual light
Then maybe I could crawl out of this tonight
If I could feel You feel You shine
Oh let me feel You shine
So beautiful and warm
So beautiful and bright
Like a sun comin’ out of a rainy sky
Oh let me feel You shine
God I need a Savior
O come Generous King
O God I need a Savior
To come rescue me




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Life is better when it's full of joy.
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