Forty Days of Prayer for India, week 4

If you have missed out, I am getting reallllyyy close to leaving for India! Here are some prayer requests for every day leading up to my trip.

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I’m down to just twenty days until I leave…less than three weeks! It’s crunch time. Crazy!

April 26th: As I just mentioned, I have less than three weeks until I leave. Aaaaand….still no visa. This is a big deal. I’ve tried to get ahold of the company numerous times to see what is going on and I am having a difficult time getting a hold of them. I literally cannot go to India if I don’t get this back, and SOON. Please, please, please pray that things will go through and that I will have it in my little mitts early next week!

April 27th: Thanks for praying for Hosanna, who I told you about last week. His platelet count is up to 98,000, but he still has a ways to go to get to the 150,000 required to be released. He has moved back out of ICU and will be released once he gets back up to 150,000 platelets. Pray that happens this week so this little guy can get home, and that he will be able to go to camp with his home! Also pray for money to cover these costly bills to come in.You can read more about Hosanna and see some pictures on Sean and Paige’s Blog.

April 28th: This past weekend, another little CCH guy, Karthik, got admitted to the hospital for water in his lungs and high blood pressure. Pray for him as well, and keep ALLLLL the CCH kids in your prayers that there will be NO more sickness or problems!

April 29th: I’m hoping to be able to edit this before this day arrives and say that this has turned into a praise, but would you mind praying for my visa to arrive again today? It’s a big deal. And if I hear something before today, I will update and let everyone know. Thanks. :)

April 30th: Courtney and I fly out of Wichita two weeks from this evening! Pray for us as we finish up school over the next two weeks, take finals, do our end of year projects, and for Courtney as she moves out of her dorm at Sterling. We want to have all this stuff out of the way so we can focus on our journey awaiting us SO soon!

May 1st: There are still several kids who need sponsored so that they can go to camp this summer! Can you please consider donating towards that or at least pray for generous hearts to give to these kids? I’m not sure what the current number is, but there are still well over 50 kids who need sponsored, last I knew. Perhaps closer to 100. Can you please help?

May 2nd: A lovely lady by the name of Holly flies out of Ohio today to help Sean and Paige with the first camp that Courtney and I won’t be able to be there for. Pray for safe, smooth travels, for all her luggage to arrive, and for blessings on her short trip in Andhra Pradesh! She will be gone before we get there, so we won’t get to meet her. But pray blessings on her willingness to help Sean and Paige and love on the kids of CCH!


I can’t believe that there are only two more weeks worth of posts before you start getting posts from me on the ground in INDIA! Thanks for your prayers, love, and support!



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