Forty Days of Prayer for India, week 3

If you missed last week, I am on a journey of praying for India for the forty days leading up to my trip. Please join me! Below is a specific prayer request for each day.

If you have missed out until now, the first week is HERE and the second week is HERE. Go catch up! :) I post new requests every Wednesday leading up to my trip. I’d love for you to join me on a journey of praying for India!

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April 19th: This one is fairly urgent. I’ve had a LOT of problems with both my passport and my visa over the past few months. I thought I was finally out of the blue but got a phone call yesterday that this is NOT the case yet. I need some more information to get to Texas before they can submit my Visa to the Consulate…but I am running out of time. SO, pray that I can get this information as QUICKLY as possible (like, yesterday. :)), get it to Texas, things will get submitted quickly, and that there will be NO more problems and my passport/visa will be back in my little hands with plenty of time to spare! This is crucial because not getting my visa back in time means not going to India. Flat out.

April 20th: Pray for precious little Hosanna. This little guy lives in one of the Covenant Children’s Homes and was hospitalized this weekend with Dengue Fever. He is supposed to have 150,000 platelets but he only has 70,000. Platelets are what the Dengue Fever attacks. He was in ICU for awhile, but now he is in a regular room and his platelet count is up to 74,000. He still has a ways to go before he is healthy, but he should hopefully be released from the hospital by tomorrow or Friday. Please pray for this little guy to quickly regain his health and stay that way. There will also be a big bill, so pray for that money to come in as well.

April 21st: 140 children still need to be sponsored for camp! Camp starts in just a couple of weeks, so there is a LOT of money that needs to come in SOON! Each child is $55 to cover everything for camp. That means that $7,700 still needs to come in! Can you help? Do you know someone who can? We could use it! These kids deserve the chance to go to camp but they need YOU to help! Yes, YOU!

If you can help, you can donate at

There’s a link to donate online, as well as an address if you’d rather mail a check. Just make note that it is for camp! :)

April 22nd: We really, really, really, really need more digital (point and shoot) and 35 mm cameras to take to use at camp in India! We want to teach these kids photography, but we have to first have cameras! We have a couple currently, but if you have one you can donate, Please, please, please, PLEASE contact me at

April 23rd: “The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.” – Mother Teresa has it right with this one. There are over 86 MILLION orphans in India alone. Pray that they will meet Jesus and know that they are loved, wanted, and pursued by Him despite what has happened in their own family.

April 24th: A week ago this morning I shared about India with a second grade class here in Kansas. The students were super interested in life in India, had lots of questions to ask, and crazy awesome reactions to what I had to say to them. Pray that a new generation of children with a broad worldview, a multicultural sensitivity, and a willingness to make a difference in third world countries will rise up!

April 25th: There was supposed to be another team in India for part of the time that Courtney and I will be there. We found out just recently that the chances of them being there are VERY low. Because we had counted on having them there to help run camp and do other things, this is kind of a big deal. Please pray that things will either fall into place for that team to come OR that things will work out in India smoothly with our MUCH smaller attack team! :)


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