Just for fun, I like to check the stats page on this here blog I have. It tells me how many people have looked at my blog on certain days and what posts they read. It’s kinda nifty. And it makes me feel good about myself, in a weird way. ;P

Anyway, I had watched the numbers of total blog views climb up into the 800s. Granted, most of the views have been the post I wrote about the kiddos in India receiving their TOMS because I tagged TOMS in it, so apparently my blog shows up when people search for TOMS/TOMS in India specifically! (Pretty cool, right?)

Anyways, I hadn’t checked my blog all weekend. Last time I looked, I had somewhere around 800 views. I was NOT expecting to see this when I logged on tonight!

Yes siree, ladies and gentlemen, one THOUSAND sixty three views! 86 views on Sunday alone, 54 today!

I was pretty excited. If you don’t believe me, here is my excited face:

(Yes, those are polka dots…it’s 1 AM and I’m halfway…well, not even halfway, ready for bed. I want to be in bed but there are just so many things to get done!)

This excites me because it means that TONS of people have at least been to my blog, have seen at least a little blip about my trip/ICM/the children I love in India, and hopefully it made at least a little bit of an impression on them!

In other news…I’m having problems with my visa. Again. Prayers appreciated. Hopefully it’s a smooth, easy, QUICK fix, because I am running out of time quickly.

I’m speaking in a second grade class tomorrow about my trip last summer and telling them a little about life in India! I haven’t had much time to prepare (it was a last minute idea this morning that the teacher through by me and tomorrow morning was the only time it fit in my schedule to do it) so it won’t be as thorough as it would be if I had more time. But, I am looking forward to educating 25 moldable lives about life in a completely new culture!

Be looking for the next week of 40 days of prayer for India on Wednesday! (scroll down a bit if you missed the first two weeks and you can catch up!)

Until then, have a good week!


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