Forty Days of Prayer for India; week 2

If you missed last week, I am on a journey of praying for India for the forty days leading up to my trip. Please join me! Below is a specific prayer request for each day. If you missed the first week of requests, find them here.

April 12th:Pray for all the sweet kiddos as they take their final exams this month and prepare for their summer break! These kids are all in English school and doing well, pray that they will succeed on their exams!

April 13th: Pray for the city of Ongole. This city is full of darkness and dominated by the Hindus. They are, for the most part, open to the work ICM is doing in that area, but there is still a lot of God that is needed in that city! There are idols on every corner, incense burning as worship to these “gods”, and people worshiping these false gods. You can literally feel the darkness and spiritual warfare in this city. But God is the God of this city too, pray that they will let Him in!

“Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city.”

April 14th: Pray for the Covenant Schools of Worship. There is one in Hyderabad and a new one in Ongole that just opened. These schools are training Indian worship leaders. Pray for these Indian natives as they train to lead their fellow brothers and sisters to the throne of God through music.Today a new one month long women’s course starts. Pray for these women as they learn how to lead worship!

April 15th: Courtney and I land in Hyderabad one month from today! It’s not too early to start praying for safe flights, no problems in the airports, and for our luggage to arrive in one piece.

April 16th: Isn’t this girl one of the most beautiful you have ever seen?! Pray for Angel, one of the sweet little girls at Sarah’s Covenant Homes. I’m not quite sure what her health needs are, but God knows! I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and hear her giggles!

April 17th: Pray for sponsors to keep donating towards CCH’s camp! Each of the 200 children needs a $55 sponsorship. Pray also as final plans fall into place for camp! I’m so excited to get to help with this new adventure.

April 18th: Praise God for the 20 new Covenant Children’s Homes that are opening in May! That will double the amount of children that this ministry is serving, meaning that 400 Indian children will hopefully be broken free from the cycles of poverty while meeting and falling in love with Jesus and developing a desire to serve Him! Pray for Sean and Paige’s staff as they travel to these home openings!


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