Forty Days of Prayer for India, week 1

Courtney and I get on a plane in FORTY DAYS and fly to India! That is inSANE to me!

The next forty days are crucial as I finish preparing for what lies ahead of me in Asia for a month! I decided to create a prayer calendar that I personally will be following, and thought I would share it with you as well if you wanted to please pray WITH me for the next forty days!

I will be posting requests for a week at a time. So check back every week for the next week of requests!

ALSO! HEY! See that little box to the right over THERE –> and down a little bit?

The one that says “Follow Amber to India in your email inbox! :)”? CLICK THAT BUTTON THAT SAYS FOLLOW AMBER TO INDIA! :) Please? Basically, that just means that you will put your e-mail address in and everytime I post a blog you will get it in an e-mail! This is the perfect way to make sure that you get each week’s prayer requests, as well as not missing anything I post while I am in India! Don’t worry, I won’t spam you. :)

Here’s for the next week, starting today. Thanks for praying for India with me!

April 4th: Pray for the beautiful girls living in the Punukula home. Pray for them as they finish school, as they are witnesses in their neighborhood, and for their future husbands.

April 5th: Pray for Sean and Paige as they wrap up traveling to the new Covenant Children’s Homes that will be opening in May! Pray for their safety and stamina as driving in India can be a, shall we say, experience.

April 6th: Pray for James, the director of India Christian Ministries, as he wraps up a month in the United States. He has been away from his family for a month spreading the news of what ICM is doing in India! Pray that he will continue to seek direction from God as to what lies ahead for ICM.

April 7th: Pray for Gabe, a sweet child at Sarah’s Covenant Homes. He’s been in the hospital recently, but pray for this little sweetheart as he continues to heal.

April 8th: There are 111 special needs children at Sarah’s Covenant Homes right now. All of these children have been abandoned and basically left to die, but Sarah and her staff have taken them in and turned their lives around! Most of these children have very serious health concerns and require constant care and attention. Working at SCH is VERY taxing. Pray for the ayahs (the caregivers of these kids) and for Sarah for strength and encouragement, as well as the ability to make the proper decisions for these precious children.

April 9th: Pray for Adhithiya. This young man is in second grade. Final exams are this month, pray for him that he will do well! Pray also that he can be a light in this CCH and that the ten gentlemen living here will bring glory to God!

April 10th: Pray for sweet Emma. No one was sure little Emma would survive when she came to Sarah’s Covenant Homes this past fall. Thank God for the fact that she HAS, indeed, survived and has gotten a LOT healthier! She will never be anywhere near “normal” unless God chooses to perform a miracle in her, but pray that she will know she is loved. Caution: this picture is pretty graphic. The photo on the left is Emma after coming to the home, and the picture on the right shows the improvements she has made!

April 11th: Pray for Chinna. This sweet man works tirelessly for Sean and Paige and does great work. Pray for strength, wisdom, and a right heart as he continues to serve! Also pray for a wife for him. ;)


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