Meet Sean and Paige.

This beautiful couple is in charge of Covenant Children’s Homes over in India. We worked under them last summer, and will be again this summer as well. Courtney and I are actually going to be blessed to live with them while we are there!

Anyways. Sean and Paige, in addition to Courtney and I, as well as the team from Sterling, and some other people have been putting our heads together to prepare CAMP for the CCH children this summer!

Do you have fond memories of camp over the years? I know I sure do. My first year of camp was fourth grade at Camp Aldrich. I attended Camp Aldrich throughout elementary school and Junior High, then went on to Lift Camp for high school!

I was also a counselor back at the beloved Camp Aldrich for Junior High Camp one year when I was in high school, which proved more enjoyable than Lift that year. :)

It is safe to say that I LOVE camp. Some of my best memories are from camp, as well as some of my biggest “God encounters.” I’m sure many of you are the same way.

This year, the children of CCH are getting a chance to go to camp for the first time ever! They will spend three days and two nights away from their home at camp, learning about Jesus, various other activities such as art and sports, and having fun! It may not look like Lift camp, but the impact can be the same!

Please take a minute to check out the CCH blog that Sean and Paige wrote about camp.

Can you help send a child to camp? You are helping me get there to help run camp, but there has to be children there for us to have a camp to run! :)

Want to do something meaningful with your tax refund? Sponsor a kid to camp.

Want a project to challenge your children’s ministry to? Send a kid to camp!

Have you thought about helping me financially? I’d rather you send a kid to camp instead!

Please, please, please, PLEASE pray for camp and pray about helping these beautiful children get there!


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