TOMS in India!

I know you’ve all seen them.

You may not have realized you’ve seen them, but I bet you have.

TOMS shoes have been one of the biggest ‘fads’ over the past couple of years.

However, this fad actually DOES something. When you purchase a pair of shoes from TOMS, they turn around and donate a pair to a child in a third world country.

Kids are given shoes, which protect their feet from injuries and all sorts of diseases.

At first, I was leary to give into the TOMS fad. But when I finally broke down and bought my first pair, they were SO comfy that I had definitely given in. I now have three pairs, which means that three children around the world have a pair of shoes thanks to me!

NOW. The exciting news.

Doot doot DOOOOO!

TOMS is distributing shoes in India to the CCH, CCDC, and SCH children that I will be working with this summer!! So excited for these kids and thankful for the blessings of ICM being able to spend the money they would have spent on shoes for the kids on something else!

Hopefully I will have some pictures over the next week or so to share of the sweet kiddos getting their TOMS! :D

And hey, while you’re on the internet, go buy some TOMS. A child somewhere will thank you someday. As will your feet. Because they will be comfy. And super stylin’. If I was rich I would be buying way too many pairs of these cute things.


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