The other day, I received an email from Travisa, the company that we used to get our Indian visas last summer. I almost passed it off, until I noticed the subject line: Passport Expiration Reminder. My interest was piqued. I instantly got all defensive because I KNEW that my passport didn’t expire until September! 

I opened the email and sure enough: it informs me that there are countries that won’t let you into the country if your passport expires within six months. After a Google search, it turns out that India is, in fact, one of them. Since I will be entering the country in May, and May is four months before September, this means that SURPRISE I have to get my passport renewed BEFORE my trip, which was totally unexpected. 

I am a little frustrated about this. First of all, it’s about $150 that I have to pay. That’s $150 that I could have given to the ministries or something else WAY better than giving it to pay for a passport. Second, I am just completely flabbergasted as to why an expiration date on a legal document wouldn’t be honored…what’s the point of having one if a country is going to tell you that they won’t let you in at immigration if it expires in less than six months!? 

Anyways. Though I am frustrated, it is something that has to be done…and SOON! Courtney and I leave in right at two and a half months and I now have to get my passport renewed, AND get it back in time to send off for an Indian visa! 

(And PS mom, I guess this is an “I told you so” as to why I didn’t send off for a visa earlier — it wouldn’t be valid in a new passport! ;P)

Please pray that there will be no complications and everything will come together speedy fast! 


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