For the Least of These

This post will be pretty short because I’m fighting some crazy sickness and need to go to bed. Yes, it’s 10:30 and I should have gone to bed at least two hours ago…I’m getting old. :)

Today, Jim and Sharon Smith were at our church. Because I was so sick, I didn’t make it to church but I did get to have lunch with them and my church’s missions board this afternoon. The Smith’s were missionaries in Ecuador before moving to Springfield where Jim now works in the BBFI Missions Office. Long time friends of our church, I’d definitely heard of this family before.

The Smith’s daughter, Stacey, had a special needs home in Ecuador. As shown by my love for Sarah’s Covenant Homes in India, this is something very near and dear to my heart. At lunch I had the chance to visit a bit with Jim and Sharon about SCH and their daughter’s home, Precious Miracles. Since I was still pretty under the weather I didn’t talk as much as I would have liked with them, but definitely got some insight.

Stacey has written a book that I got today. “For the Least of These” chronicles some stories of children who have come through her home, how they have affected her, and her life throughout the process of running this home. I sat at my coffee shop for a couple of hours this morning soaking it up – I read seven chapters before having to stop to do some other work. Let me just tell you, it’s phenomenal! The stories she shares will touch your heart, and her honesty about how it affected her personally is humbling. I find my mind wandering to children at SCH and how they are similar to Stacey’s precious miracles.

I would HIGHLY recommend Stacey’s book to anyone who wants to be touched and challenged…especially if you work with special needs children in any way. I’m not near done with it, but I can’t wait to dig deeper and finish.

One quote that I found particularly eye opening was this:

“Zachary and Flor continue to be very handicapped children. But in some ways I think we are the ones with the handicap. We worry, fret, and lose sleep over things that are meaningless to them. They are so innocent and untainted by this world. Their lives are simple in spite of the complications of their health and the functions they are unable to perform. Their relationships with people around them are unassuming, uncomplicated, unconditional, and undemanding.

They are both a constant living reminder that this world is not where we belong. They truly are in the world but not of it…On that day (Heaven), I believe we will all become more like Zachary and Flor. We will live purely like they do now. We will discard the problems, doubts, and fears of this world. We will love others genuinely as they do. We will know absolute joy and peace as they do. How wonderful and amazing it will be when we will be healed of our handicaps and become more like these two precious miracles.”


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