Storms, Road Trips, and Light

Tonight, I had the joy of taking a little road trip. I went with my friend Courtney (who I will be going back to India with this summer! Her and I were roommates in India last year.), Melissa (who co-led our trip to India last summer with her now-husband, Josh), Scott and Melissa (who will be leading Sterling’s trip to India this summer!). We traveled from Sterling to Emporia to have dinner with Sean and Paige Whiting, the fantastic couple who directs Covenant Children’s Homes in India.

Sean and Paige are from California and are living in India overseeing CCH, but are home right now because of visa requirements. It just so happened to work out for us to meet up and boy was it great!

It was a joyful reunion between Sean, Paige, Courtney, Mel, and I as the last time we saw S and P was in India! We are SO blessed to have such a connection and relationship with this powerhouse couple. They are truly doing great things for God in India!

Courtney and I will be living with Sean and Paige in their apartment during our stay this summer, so it is wonderful to have such a great relationship with them. They are super sweet and will definitely be great friends and interim “parents” while we are in Andhra Pradesh. ;)

We had a great time reminiscing and hearing about what has been going on in India since we were last there. Melissa and Scott were brought up to speed on what is going to go down as they prepare to lead a team to India for the first time this summer for part of the time Court and I are there.

On the drive to Emporia, Courtney read this article that Scott found out loud. Reading this story is heartbreaking, especially as you visualize this scenario ACTUALLY happening. Indian orphans are the real deal, and they need some real deal Christians to step up and care for them!

Hearing about the things that have been/will be going on in India has given me SUCH an excitement and anxiousness for May to hurry up and get here. ;) So excited to see what lies in store for us!

My drive home from Sterling to Hutch was less than pleasurable. I drove home at 11 PM in an intense thunderstorm. I’m already not super comfortable driving that trek at night (I used to do it almost daily during the day, but I almost always was headed from Hutch to Sterling for the after dark journeys) so adding major rain, a pretty icky cold, and the fact that it’s been a while since I’d driven this road period made for a tense 35 minutes. Of course though, God had a plan for it. I arrived home safely, but not without encountering Him on that highway as He reminded me that He has BIG plans!

Here’s the story.

I was driving and things were pretty tense. The rain was super heavy, it was windy, and my little car was being blown around pretty good. I didn’t have hardly any visibility, so I could see about three feet in front of me. It was one of those storms when using your brights makes it worse to see than just trying to go it with your regular headlights.


It was pretty tense, but I had me some K-Love cranked up pretty loud. That same Kari Jobe song that I blogged about before, “We Are”, came on the radio. This song has been popping up a LOT lately (even at dinner tonight with Sean and Paige!) so I was really pumped that it HAPPENED to come on during this wonderful evening!

But that’s not the end of the story! As I was driving, nervously, belting out this song….it gets to the phrase “We are the light of the world, we are the city on a hill, we are the light of the world and we gotta, we gotta, we gotta let the light shine” RIGHT as beautiful, BRIGHT lightning strikes across the pitch black sky, lighting the way for me! I have no doubt that this was God reminding me that we are the light, His light, and His light is shining for us and through us! It reminded me so much of a night in India that I blogged about here. God knows what He is doing, and He is using us if we let Him!

Off to dream about India as I listen to the glorious February thunderstorm! :D


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